Mixing these Fat Burning Foods with your Fat Burner to Melt the Pounds Fast

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While natural fat burners are excellent sources for blasting the fat, combining them with foods that are known to burn fat can significantly impact how fast those pounds melt away.  Adding in an exercise routine designed specifically for fat burning will provide even faster results.

How they Work

It is important to understand that fat burning foods do not actually burn fat.  However, they do make your body work harder to digest resulting in a reduction of calories being retained.  They are also known as thermogenic foods because they can boost your metabolism through thermogenesis.

Thermogenesis is a process where you body temperature is raised, which raises your metabolism.  Your body then utilizes fat cells for energy.  This process can be triggered through special foods, exercise, and supplements.  Many of the fat burners listed on this site contain thermogenic ingredients.  Combining these fat burning strategies can increase your chances for weight loss success.

Thermogenic Foods

  • Spices (red hot peppers/black pepper/chili pepper flakes)
  • Green Tea
  • Coconut Oil
  • Lean Protein (red meat, poultry, eggs, and nuts)

More Fat Burning Foods

Here are some foods to consider adding into your daily diet:  low fat cheese, Greek yogurt, milk, olive oil, canola oil, garlic, ginger, avocado, beans, legumes, oranges, grapefruit, apples, grapes, watermelon, salmon, tuna, chicken, turkey, steak, pork, whole wheat, brown rice, oatmeal, almonds, walnuts, green tea, and ice cold water.

There are many different healthy meals that can be created from these foods alone.  You still have to pay attention to your portion sizes.  They are not miracle foods; however, they do provide your metabolism with that extra kick to start the fat burning process.

Ideas for Meals and Snacks

There are many foods that are designed to kick start your metabolism.  Your diet should consist of lean protein, fresh fruits, green vegetables, whole grains, healthy carbs, and fats.  Start your day off with a breakfast of oatmeal or eggs.


Your lunch should contain lean proteins and green veggies.  Consider eating a salad that consists of chicken breast, a hardboiled egg, and veggies.  If you are more of a soup eater, choose clear broth soups and add in meat and vegetables.

For dinner, you could try cooking up a top sirloin, eye of round, or flank steak.  These cuts are not as fatty as some of the other cuts.  Try to keep your portion size to no more than 4 ounces.  Pork is another great source of lean protein.  Instead of saturating it with BBQ sauce, grill it up with low fat seasoning and herbs.

Snacks are the perfect way to add in more fat burning foods.  Choose them wisely.  Fruit, veggies, nuts, and popcorn are perfect snacks.  The fruits are filling because they are water based and contain essential vitamins. Popcorn should be air popped without any butter.  It is filling because it contains fiber.  Peanut butter is a great dip for your veggies.  However, it is higher in calories so do not eat too much of it.


Be creative by making up your own recipes, but remember to keep track of your portion sizes.  Combining these specific foods with a fitness exercise routine and your fat burner supplement will help to melt the fat for fast weight loss results!

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